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.htaccess Snippets A collection of useful .htaccess snippets, all in one place. NOTE: .htaccess files are for people that do not have rights to edit the main server configuration file.
ManageWP Code Snippets
Snippets Open Source PHP WordPress
ManageWP Code Snippets ManageWP code snippets collection for WordPress. How To Use Just copy and paste the available code snippets below and load it to your ManageWP code snippets editor.
Snippets Open Source
CSS Protips A collection of tips to help take your CSS skills pro. For other great lists check out @sindresorhus’s curated list of awesome lists. Table of Contents Protips Support Translations Contribution Guidelines Protips Use a CSS Reset Inherit box-sizing Use unset Instead of Resetting All Properties Use :not() to Apply/Unapply Borders on Navigation Check If Font Is Installed Locally Add line-height to body Set :focus for Form Elements Vertically-Center Anything Comma-Separated Lists Select Items Using Negative nth-child Use SVG for Icons Use the “Lobotomized Owl” Selector Use max-height for Pure CSS Sliders Equal-Width Table Cells Get Rid of Margin Hacks With Flexbox Use Attribute Selectors with Empty Links Style “Default” Links Intrinsic Ratio Boxes Style Broken Images Use rem for Global Sizing; Use em for Local Sizing Hide Autoplay Videos That Aren’t Muted Use :root for Flexible Type Set font-size on Form Elements for a Better Mobile Experience Use Pointer Events to Control Mouse Events Set display: none on Line Breaks Used as Spacing Use :empty to Hide Empty HTML Elements Use a CSS Reset CSS resets help enforce style consistency across different browsers with a clean slate for styling elements.
Snippets Open Source
SpinKit Simple loading spinners animated with CSS. See demo. SpinKit only uses (transform and opacity) CSS animations to create smooth and easily customizable animations. Usage Add spinkit.css or spinkit.min.css to your project (or copy-paste the CSS that you need for your spinner—there are no dependencies between spinners, no shared classes, and no shared animations, etc, so it should be fairly straight-forward to extract only the code that you need) Add a spinner to your project by copy-pasting HTML from spinkit.