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=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: 123LinkIt
Tags: earn money, text links, affiliate widget, advertising, make money, monetization, affiliate marketing, cj, commission junction, referral, links, advertising, affiliate plugin, affiliate
Requires at least: 2.0.2
Tested up to: 3.0 
Stable tag: trunk

123LinkIt Affiliate Plugin - Generate money easily from your blog by transforming keywords into affiliate links.

== Description ==

Generate money easily from your blog by transforming brand names and product keywords into affiliate links. There’s no need to apply to affiliate networks or programs - we do it all for you. Just install the plugin, sync your posts and we’ll automatically add relevant, money-making affiliate links to your blog.

* Affiliate Masking - We automatically create clean and professional looking redirects that increase your conversion rates and protect you from affiliate theft (E.g.

* Links include Nofollow Tags - We defend your PageRank and ensure you don't get penalized by search engines with the nofollow tags that are automatically added to your affiliate links.

* Stats & Reporting - Receive in-depth reporting so you know EXACTLY what blog posts and advertisers are working best for you, allowing you to fine-tune your future posts and capitalize on the best performing content.

* Access to Commission Junction's Advertisers - With almost 1000 CJ advertisers and more added every day, our software provides you with an increased reach to ensure the most relevant affiliate links and deals are available for your selection.

* Saves Real Estate on Your Blog - Forget about the banner ads, contextual ads or annoying pop-ups. Our software integrates affiliate links right into your text to provide a seamless experience for your readers.

* Receive Blog Post Recommendations - Not only do we automate the affiliate marketing process for you, but we also provide you with monthly blog post ideas. We do this by analyzing your statistics and current trends to assist you in developing targeted content that’s more likely to convert into passive income (Note: This feature is only available to active users after they’ve earned their first commission)

== Installation ==

Installing our affiliate plugin takes less than one minute. 

1. Download and install the plugin

2. Create an account or login

3. In your WordPress blog, go to the 123LinkIt (under Dashboard) to synchronize your posts and get started. 

Note: The plugin automatically syncs modified posts and newly launched posts thereafter. 

You’re now ready to go. Enjoy building your passive income! Have a question? Click on our Contact us page or visit our GetSatisfaction Community to get help. Also, make sure to stay in touch to receive our latest updates through Facebook and Twitter. 

Compatibility: The plugin is compatible with WordPress 2.8.0 or higher. It is NOT compatible with BuddyPress. 

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= See for a full list

= Sign up to be notified for other releases at

== Screenshots ==

=Visit our homepage for more info at

== Changelog ==

  - major update release
  - Instant automation of affiliate links with new dashboard interface
  - Users can log in or create new account within plugin
  - Added Stats, 123Linkit Challenge, Bug Report, Reset Plugin, notification bar

	- plugin now uses tracker on and does not mess links around

	- plugin added to pages
	- plugin now shows by default in the centre

=0.3 Architectural improvements - will allow us to do more things without updating the plugin

=0.2 Huge improvements
	- cloaking links
	- new UI
	- automatically add links to post
	- repeating links

=0.1.11-No more CURL
 - javascript moved to

=0.1.9-Resolved some more bugs
 - plugin not working unless tinyMCE is active (does not work when WP goes directly to HTML tab)
 - waiting gearbox showing while processing a request

=0.1.8-Resolved JS Error

=0.1.5-Removed Copy Link column and added URL to advertiser URL field to make it easier to copy. 

=0.1.4-Added new description with more details, fixed links bug.

=0.0.1-Alpha release-this is the first version of the plugin and some problems will arise. Please contact us anytime with questions or to report bugs. We're committed to making continously improving this plugin and adding new features so please send in your feedback and ideas too.

== Upgrade Notice ==
No Upgrade Notices