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[Underscores Theme Diff] — Tool to track changes of _s WordPress starter theme, the LESS version.

The _s, Underscores Starter Theme for WordPress should not be used as parent theme. OK, but is there any good way to track changes (and eventually implement them back)?
Hence this project.
_diff allows you to pull source files from _s-LESS folder into underscores destination folder. Such renamed destination template can be further put under version controll to track changes in batches and even to use as parent theme if you really need to. Haha [evil laught].
The LESS files are combined into one to ease reading and editing when pulled into single file. This is a default behaviour, but you can disable it by setting $_diff->combineLESS = false; in the config.php.
Only files in lowercase are included by default. To include all set $_diff->skipALLCAPSFiles = false; in config.php.
See comments in _config.php for more options.

1. Installation

  1. Download or clone _s-LESS theme and install it by copying/uploading to /wp-content/themes
  2. Download and extract zip of this project or use git clone command
  3. Upload _diff project directory next to the _s-LESS into /wp-content/themes
  4. Navigate to _diff in the browser, e.g., the config.php should be created.
  5. Edit config.php

2. Running

Navigate to _diff in the browser, e.g. The script copies the content of _s-LESS direcotory into destination.
LESS files are combined into ONE style.less file for easier tracking of chages.
Warning: All destination files are overwritten by default.