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Articles and Videos #


Articles #

Name Author
10 Rules For Efficient Form Design Nick Babich
A Software Tester’s Guide to Web Accessibility
A11Y Dialog from Edenspiekermann, originally Greg Kraus
Accessibility and React: Tips and Best Practices João Figueiredo
Advice for creating content that works well with screen readers Léonie Watson
An introduction to accessibility: Part 1 ( Part 2) Adam Soucie
Automated Accessibility Checking with aXe Pavels Jelisejevs
Basic screen reader commands for accessibility testing Léonie Watson
Building the most inaccessible site possible with a perfect Lighthouse score Manuel Matuzović
CAPTCHA - Inaccessible to Everyone Gian Wild
Creating Accessible HTML: A Crash Course in ARIA Landmark Regions Genevieve Nelson
Designing an accessible color palette with magic numbers Darek Kay
Designing for accessibility is not that hard Pablo Stanley
Gap Analysis/ADHD from the W3C
Implementing an accessible focus indicator Darek Kay
Introduction to Web Accessibility WebAIM
Lesson from building mobile frindly accessible data tables Tetsuro Takara
Links vs. Buttons in Modern Web Applications Marcy Sutton
Making Accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules For Developers Gian Wild
Making Open-Source Accessible for All Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent
NGX-Skeleton-Loader — States, Animations, Performance, and Accessibility for your Angular App Will Mendes
Serviços para adicionar legendas em vídeos Reinaldo Ferraz
Testes automatizados de acessibilidade com Axe e Puppeteer Eduardo Rabelo
The Accessibility Cheatsheet Ire Aderinokun
The state of accessible web UI frameworks Darek Kay
Variable Fonts and Dyslexia Adrian Roselli
Web accessibility audits powered the Chrome logo Chrome Accessibility Developer Tools
What is WAI-ARIA, what does it do for me, and what not? Marco Zehe
What is Web Accessibility Trenton Mos
Writing JavaScript with accessibility in mind Manuel Matuzovic

Sources #

Name Language
Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task Force at the W3C EN
Introduction to Web Accessibility from the W3C EN
Simply Accessible - Articles EN
Web Accessibility Tutorials from the W3C EN

Videos #

Name Language
A11ycasts series from Google Chrome Developers team, mainly Rob Dodson EN
Demystifying WAI-ARIA EN
Deque Systems YouTube Channel EN
Design like we give a damn! by Léonie Watson EN
GUI Challenges by Adam Argyle EN
Improving Single Page App Accessibility with a11y_kit by Patrick Fox EN
QA in London - Shifting Accessibility Testing To The Left, With Marie Drake EN