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Accessibility Companies and Organizations

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Companies and Organizations #

Name Twitter What they do
3play Media @3playmedia Captioning, subtitling, audio descriptions, transcripts, and transcribing
A11Y @a11y Aggregator account for accessibility-related content
A11Y Project @A11YProject Community-driven collection of patterns, resources, events, and more
Accessible360 @Accessible_360 Auditing, consulting, and training
AccessibilityOz @accessibilityoz
Accessible Techcomm @AccessTechcomm Auditing, consulting, and training
Acesso para Todos None Development
AudioEye @audioeyeinc
Audima None Audio descriptions
Awesome japanese a11y companies None An awesome-list of Japanese technology companies that are working on or promoting accessibility.
Axess Lab @AxessLab Auditing, consulting, and training
Deque Systems @dequesystems Auditing, consulting, and training
Google Accessibility @googleaccess
Hand Talk None Transcription
IAAP @IAAPOrg Accessibility professionals from around the world come together to define, promote and improve the accessibility profession through networking, education and certification.
IBMAccess @IBMAccess Internal support at IBM, product R&D
Intopia @Intopia Auditing, consulting, training, and development
Knowbility @knowbility Auditing, consulting, and training
Level Access @LevelAccessA11y Auditing, consulting, training, and developemnt
Microsoft Accessibility @MSFTEnable R&D and accessibility help desk for Microsoft products
NV Access @NVAccess NVDA screen reader, training
Open Inclusion @openforaccess Market research
Oswald Labs @OswaldLabs Product development and accelerator
Simply Accessible @SAteaches Auditing, consulting, development, training, and user research
The Paciello Group @paciellogroup Auditing, consulting, training, and products
Twitter Accessibility @TwitterA11y Feed of accessibility-related updates from Twitter dev team
UsableNet @Usablenet Auditing, consulting, training, and products
WAI at W3C @w3c_wai Initiative that develops guidelines and standards like WCAG and ARIA
WebAIM @webaim Auditing, consulting, and training
Web Axe @webaxe Blog and podcast on accessibility
Web Sem Barreiras @websembarreiras
WordPress Accessibility Team @WPAccessibility Working group within WordPress community that creates standards and guides

Also see Professional Help section on the A11y Project website.