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Other Resources #

Name Language
24 Accessibility - A series of articles on all subjects related to digital accessibility EN
A11Y Coffee EN
A11y Color Tokens - Generate accessible complementary text or UI colors as Sass variables and/or CSS custom properties from your base color tokens EN
A11Y Support EN
A11Y Style Guide EN
A11y Wins - Examples when accessibility wins EN
A11yProject EN
Accessibility section - jQuery Plugins using ARIA - Plugins and demos EN
Accessibility for Teams - A quick-start guide for embedding accessibility and inclusive design practices into your team’s workflow EN
Accessibility Awareness Lab Resources EN
Alix - a browser extension for a11y.css EN
Atalan - Digital Accessibility: How can we help - a website to to raise awareness of accessibility EN
Colorable EN
Color Safe EN
Color Tool - Material Design EN
Copy and Paste Accessible Code - Copy and Paste Accessible Code EN
Dos and don’ts for accessibility posters - Dos and don’ts poster presentation with a link to posters in various languages EN
Dos and don’ts for aphasia posters - Dos and don’ts for Aphasia EN
Ebay’s accessibility patterns for the web - Huge variety of features with working code examples and best practices explained. EN
Ember A11y - an Ember addon for managing content focus. EN
Ember A11y Landmarks - An Ember Addon that helps with landmark roles in Ember apps. EN
Léonie Watson Blog - Posts about a11y in general. EN
Middleman Aria_Current - A Middleman extension for indicating a current (active) link using aria-current. EN
Mozilla developer network’s accessibility section - checklists, tutorials and code examples. EN
Not so Super Mario - A parody video showing accessibility problems using Mario Bros. games EN
Open Color - Color scheme for UI design. You can use it for font, background, border, etc. It contains a gray and twelve colors. Open color is provided as CSS, SCSS, LESS, Stylus, Adobe library, Photoshop/Illustrator swatches and Sketch palette. EN
Open Source Accessibility Resources EN
Reasonable Colors - Open-source color system for building accessible, nice-looking color palettes. EN
Stories of Web Users - A series of user scenarios that help contextualize accessibility work. EN
Skip Links - React component that helps you to add skip navigation links. EN
Trello accessibility cards generator - A node.js script to create a Trello card for every point in WCAG2 guidelines. EN
UK Government’s accessibility blog EN
Vox accessibility guidelines - Vox accessibility checklist for every team member EN
van11y - A collection of accessible scripts EN
WCAG 2.1 Map poster - All WCAG criteria EN
Web Accessibility Handbook EN
Web Accessiblity Test Cases EN