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Admin Boss – Admin Theme and Tools Plugin

The purpose of this plugin is to brand the backend and login (a bit), streamline the workflow of wp development and to provide wholistic KPI insights for client and dev (by leveraging Google Data Studio integration)

Plugin Goals and Description

Admin Boss is a WordPress Plugin that improves the website administrator’s quality of life. The plugin provides common sense backend customizations for the WordPress backend. For the client and account manager it provides a dashboard with Google Data Studio so that main KPIs are easily visible on the backend. It also provides a dashboard widget with useful project links as well as information about who else is logged in at the time. Additionally, a top bar shortcut menu is made available to expedite important administrative tasks like accessing plugins, pages, posts, creating backups, syncing the database and reloading a page without cache. Finally, it allows you to do some simple branding of the login page. (This feature can be turned on or off).


GDS Dashboard – the plugin adds a link to a GDS dashboard you can set the correct one from the settings page. You’ll need to be logged into the the correct Google account to see this.
Shortcuts – There are some handy dev shortcuts including reload page without cache. These are in the top bar.
Custom Body Class – Add a class to the pages’ body with a custom field set in that page. All you have to do is add a custom field for the post they key is “fc_body_class” and the value is the selector that you want “example-page-123”.
Custom Login Page – If enabled you can customize the login page.


1 – Download the zip file.
2 – Upload in the add a plugin page in your WordPress installation.
3 – If you are tracking the whole WordPress site in a repository, you can either have the plugins repo be a submodule (recommended) or delete the .git folder and update it manually (easier but more laboreous).



A settings page with options to customize the login page and the admin styles as well as GDS dashboard
The upload login screen image button has been disabled due to an issue. Customization require replacing the file.

Page for Google Data Studio dashboard
Need to look into what we want it to do when someone doesn’t yet have a dashboard.

In Progress
Style login page with logo option, unfortunately tutorial shows how to customize the logo url but not the logo itself. See from awakenings project
Need to make to figure out a solution for uploading the logo and displaying it programmatically. For now the logo file can just get replaced.

In Progress
Add menu links to media library, Backupbuddy, Litespeed, WP Migrate DB, Query Monitor, GDS dashboard, and plugins page.
Need to Make the links conditional on the active status of those plugins and the whole shortcut menu should only appear for admins.

In Progress
Function for displaying queries as tables

Activate dev plugins with confirmation popup and deactivate automatically.
Currently you can activate backup buddy, query monitor and rebusted and it will update you that changes where made in the dev tools page (available in settins page and shortcut). Function now also deactivates the plugins. BUT need to create logic where it toggles them ALL to on and ALL to off. Currently, if one is off and the others are on it will toggle all of them which is not what we want. All on or all off is what we want.

In Progress
Tell devs if another admin is onsite
Currently you can see who is logged in in the regular dashboard widget, but a popup would be a good improvement.

In Progress
Expand debugging functions

Idle functionality where a popup comes up and checks if you are still working and gives you a cta to deactivate dev plugins

Add an integration with the redmine ticketing system api to create a ticket right from the wp dashboard perhaps following this forum discussion:

Create settings fields for dashboard widget links

Known Issues:

  • The admin bar link to activate and deactivate BackupBuddy doesn’t work because of the nonce value not being correct. (Compare that link to the deactivate link in the plugins page, you could copy that link exactly which would work for 24 hours until there is a new nonce value. Obviously, that is not the real solution.) In the meantime I’ve made it so that the link just takes you to the plugins page search for backup buddy so deactivation is one click away. One possible solution is to create an admin page that has the new script to activate plugins saves a transient token and then when you return deactivates the “dev tools” plugins… so “activate dev tools”, “deactivate dev tools”. And in the settings page you could add the dev tools plugins that you want to be part of this.