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Axio Starter (previously Aucor Starter)

🖥 For developer from developers:
Superior Gutenberg WordPress starter theme with modern build tools by Generaxion. 250+ hours of development over 6 years to make the greatest starting point for WordPress site.
🔌 Required plugins:

🏷 Buzz-words:
Gutenberg, Gulp, Yarn, SVG, SASS, Browsersync, a11y, l18n, Advanced Custom Fields, Polylang,, Native lazyload, BEM, Babel, Responsive images

Table of contents

  1. Directory structure
  2. Setup

    1. New site setup
    2. Developer setup
    3. Work session setup
  3. Components

    1. Base component
    2. Using components
    3. Creating new component
    4. Validating arguments
  4. Modules

    1. Default modules
    2. Module loading
    3. Module structure
    4. Creating new modules
    5. Installing new modules
    6. Disabling or deleting modules
    7. Module caveats
  5. Assets

    1. Styles
    2. Scripts
    3. SVG
    4. Images
    5. Fonts
    6. Favicon
  6. Includes

    1. Functions.php
    2. _conf
    3. Helpers
  7. Localization

    1. Registering strings
    2. Using strings
    3. Localizator
  8. Workflows

    1. Setting up your code editor
    2. Navigating the code
  9. Philosophy

    1. Gutenberg
    2. Scope of starter
    3. Level of detail
    4. Open source

1. Directory structure


automatically saved JSON versions of site specific fields from Advanced Custom Fields

global JS, SASS, images, SVG and fonts

shell scripts for bulk tasks/automations

has processed, combined and optimized assets ready to be included to theme

features that are packaged into modules like blocks, template parts, post-types

global php files that are not part of template structure/modules

2. Setup

2.1 New site setup

Do these theme installation steps before modifying anything.

Download & Extract

  1. Download this repository
  2. Extract into /wp-content/themes/ and rename for project like sitename

Run setup

Run setup wizard in theme root with bash sh bin/


Site name
Name in style.css
Axio by Generaxion

Local development url
Browsersync’s mirror URL. Stored at /assets/manifest.js


Author name
Author in style.css

Author URL
Author URL in style.css

Run localizator (if needed)

Theme strings are by default in English but we do support Finnish and probably Swedish in near future. If you would like to initialize strings in these languages, do the following:

  1. Run bin/
  2. Input language code
  3. Select to remove language packages after running

Install Axio Core

Some of the functionality of Axio by Generaxion require plugin Axio Core. The plugin is centrally updated so that sites using starter will be easier to maintain and there will be less duplicate code from project to project. Axio by Generaxion won’t have fatal errors without it, but for example localization won’t work without it.
Download Axio Core from or Github and activate.
Protip: If you are using composer: composer require wpackagist-plugin/axio-core or WP-CLI: wp plugin install axio-core.

First 15 minutes of your new site

Here’s optional next steps:

  1. Go through the /modules/ and remove any unneeded. Just throw them to trash.
  2. Save logo at /assets/images/logo.svg
  3. Setup colors and fonts at /assets/styles/utils/_variables.scss

2.2 Developer setup

Every developer does this before first time working with the project.

  1. Open terminal and navigate to /wp-content/themes/sitename
  2. Run yarn install (fetches all node packages for build tools).

Protip: If you don’t have Gulp installed locally run npm install --global gulp-cli. If you are missing Yarn, install Yarn.

2.3 Work session setup

Do this everythime you start to work with the theme.

  1. Open terminal and navigate to /wp-content/themes/sitename
  2. Run gulp watch to activate build process in background. You’ll get development proxy at http://localhost:3000 where changes to code will be updated automatically to browser (no need to reload).
  3. To quit press ctrl + c

Protip: You can also run just gulp to build all the resources or just some resources with gulp styles or gulp scripts. Want to start the watch task but not open the Browsersync in browser? Start watch with quiet mode qulp watch -q.

3. Components

Components are the first unique building blocks of this theme. They are an evolution of WordPress’s get_template_part() function that aim to fix underlying issues of that function:

  1. Arguments: Template parts had no legitimate way to pass arguments (until WP 5.5.0).
  2. Returning and echoing: All components can be either echoed or HTML markup can be returned.
  3. Validation: Template part concept won’t encourage to validate arguments early and end up with highly nested if checks for the code. In components you can exit early and have separated backend and frontend functions to gather and sanitize data.
  4. Context free:…