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=== Toolbox for Beaver Builder ===
Contributors: krielkip
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Requires at least: 4.9
Tested up to: 5.8
Stable tag: trunk
License: GPL2+
License URI:

== Description ==

= What Is This Toolbox Addon for Beaver Builder? =

The Toolbox addon is build for Beaver Builder so you can edit the page title, page permalink, page parent & page template, without going back to the WordPress "back-end"
Also you can edit SEO Title + SEO Description  (WordPress SEO, All in one SEO, HeadSpace2 SEO, Platinum SEO Pack, SEO Framework, SEOPress, SmartCrawl (Pro) or Genesis)
Tested and worked on Beaver Builder 2.x.
Does not work on Version 1.x. Use [Thierry Pigot Beaver Builder Toolbox]( instead.

== Screenshots ==

1. Button to open the toolbox
2. Form to edit the page settings

== Features ==
* Edit Page / Post Title
* Edit Page / Post Slug
* Edit Page / Post template
* Edit Parent Page / Post
* Edit Featured Image
* Edit Meta Title (Only with Supported SEO Tools)
* Edit Meta Description (Only with Supported SEO Tools)

== Supported SEO Tools ==
* WordPress SEO 
* All in one SEO
* HeadSpace2 SEO
* Platinum SEO Pack
* The SEO Framework
* SEOPress
* SmartCrawl (Pro) 
* Genesis

== Video ==

What says more then words? A youtube video! David Waumsley did one video about version 1.1.0.
[youtube ]

== Installation ==

Install Toolbox for Beaver Builder either via the WordPress plugin directory or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins. Then activate it and go in to the Beaver Builder Front End editor.

1, 2, 3: You're done!

This plugin does not add any tables or fields. This plugin only uses the Beaver Builder module, Supported SEO modules and WordPress. 

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

For information on using Toolbox for Beaver Builder, please ask on the WordPress forum, github or on the Slack of Beaver Builder.

At this moment there is no visual update when you save a new featured image or changing the page title. Please visit this [Github issue](#3) for more information

== Credits ==

This plugin: Jack Krielen
Based on plugin: [Thierry Pigot Beaver Builder Toolbox]( by Thierry Pigot
Beaver Builder: [Beaver Builder page Builder](
Beaver Image: [Hand painted beaver by ajipebriana / Freepik](
Youtube Video: [David Waumsley](