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=== bbPress Post Toolbar ===
Contributors: master5o1
Donate link:
Tags: bbPress, bbPress 2.0, toolbar, youtube, images, smilies, smileys, emoticons, 5o1
Requires at least: WordPress 3.1+ and bbPress 2.0+
Tested up to: 3.2.1
Stable tag: 0.7.5

Post toolbar for bbPress 2.0.

== Description ==

Post toolbar for bbPress 2.0.

* Toolbar is automatically shown, though it can be set to manual insertion.
* Enables embedding of images in a bbPress post (turn it on in the settings).
* Users can upload images directly to the site (Valums' [Ajax Upload]( script)
* Allows <span style=""> in a bbPress posts.
* Embeds online videos from multiple providers (Dailymotion, LiveLeak, Megavideo, Metacafe, Vimeo, YouTube,) using .  Defaults are 450x286.
* Reworked the formatting section quite heavily.
* Updated the color chooser to look a bit nicer.  Added three new colours (Orange, Indigo and Violet).
* Minor changes to font size panel.
* Added the font face panel with 8 fonts.
* Minor change to Links panel.  If text is highlighted in the post textarea then clicking on the links panel button will prompt for the URL and use the highlighted text as the link text.
* Changed the buttons to use a JavaScript stack.  This means that clicking once on Bold will give you `<strong>`, clicking again will give `</strong>`.  Attempted to produce relatively correct HTML using the stack.
* Unclosed tag indicator on the button that relates to the unclosed tag.  Also a close tags `</>` button.  Closing open tags is done on submit.
* Minor adjustments to `toolbar.css`

= 0.5.8 =
* Wow, my testing sux, obviously.  Oh well.
* Fixed a bug where the image was being uploaded to ./2011/08imagename.jpg instead of ./2011/08/imagename.jpg.
* Also made the unique filename be a counter of how many occurances of that filename is in the folder: image.jpg exists so named image-1.jpg, image-2.jpg, etc.  Much like WP does usually for it's stuff.
* Cudos to mvaginger for [bringing this bug to my attention](

= 0.5.7 =
* Reverted back to option-checks rather than included 'child' plugins.
* Minor restyle of the options page.

= 0.5.6 =
* When going to the options page for the first time, the default set of toolbar items will be activated.
* Activated items are: Toolbar Formatting, Toolbar Smilies Panel, Toolbar Video Panel.

= 0.5.5 =
* Extracted the buttons and panels into four sub-plugins: video, smilies, formatting & images.
* Above allowed for ordering of the buttons (by those categories); default ordering is formatting, images, video, smilies.
* Added  shortcode to replace the [youtube] one.  This is because I added more providers.
* Video providers are Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Metacafe.
* Removed the allow images option because it is implied when the images sub-plugin is activated.

= 0.5.1 =
* Allowed image uploading to be optional, that is, while posting images is still allowable, uploading them is not.
* Got around to enqueing the style and scripts (fileuploader.css/.js & toolbar.css/.js).
* Fixed various URLs and directory paths to use WP's functions or constants (ie: content_url(), site_url(), plugins_url(), WP_CONTENT_DIR, etc).

= 0.5.0 =
* Added image uploading using Valums' [Ajax Upload]( script.
* Image uploading is turned on when allowing...