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=== bbPress Post Toolbar ===
Contributors: master5o1
Donate link:
Tags: bbPress, bbPress 2.0, toolbar, youtube, images, smilies, smileys, emoticons, 5o1
Requires at least: WordPress 3.1+ and bbPress 2.0+
Tested up to: 3.2.1
Stable tag: 0.7.5

Post toolbar for bbPress 2.0.

== Description ==

Post toolbar for bbPress 2.0.

* Toolbar is automatically shown, though it can be set to manual insertion.
* Enables embedding of images in a bbPress post (turn it on in the settings).
* Users can upload images directly to the site (Valums' [Ajax Upload]( script)
* Allows <span style=""> in a bbPress posts.
* Embeds online videos from multiple providers (Dailymotion, LiveLeak, Megavideo, Metacafe, Vimeo, YouTube,) using http://...
* Also provides a [youtube]http://...[/youtube] shortcode.
* Embeds online pastebins from multiple providers (GitHub's Gist, using [paste]http://...[/paste]
* Toolbar items all pluggable, defaults can be turned off and replaced by custom ones.
* Default item set is formatting, smilies, and videos.
* Custom CSS styling of the bar.
* Custom button ordering.

An example of the toolbar is on the [forum]( on my website.

I would prefer it if support and feedback is placed on my [forum]( because I'll check my website more often than WordPress' plugin forums.
I have a GitHub repository for this project [here](
Bug reports, feature requests and other issues can be reported through the GitHub [Issues system](
Any [donations]( will be gratefully accepted. ;)

== Installation ==

1. Make sure you have bbPress 2.0 (or better) plugin activated.
1. Upload `bbpress-post-toolbar` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
1. Move or copy the `smilies` folder to `/wp-content/` directory. (So it doesn't get changed on upgrades).
1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
1. Configure the options in the bbPress Post Toolbar settings page.

If you choose to set the bar to manual insertion rather than automatic, then you will need to add this to your theme file, or where ever you might want to show the bar:

* `<?php do_action('bbp_post_toolbar_insertion'); ?>`

It is a good idea to copy or move the smilies directory included with this plugin to the wp-content directory.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Can images be set a maximum width? =

Easily.  In fact, I found that bbPress already does this in its default theme (and thus compatability theming will also).  Try putting the following into your theme's css:

`#content .bbp-topic-content img,
#content .bbp-reply-content img {
	max-width: 100%;

= Could you explain how to use customised smilies? =

I have included a simple set of smilies with this plugin in the `bbpress-post-toolbar/smilies/` directory.  Changing the files will obviously change what the smilies look like.  But edit the package-config.php file inside this directory to change the code binding to a particular image.

I recommend that this folder is either copied or moved to the `/wp-content/` directory so that any customised smilies that you have added are not lost on an upgrade to this plugin.

== Screenshots ==

1. Code box showing an example of how to post the code box.
1. Online Video panel opened.
1. Toolbar options showing the Drag 'n Drop button ordering.

== Changelog ==

= 0.7.5 =
* Allowed for duplicate smiley codes but not so that each duplicate code has its own entry on the panel. [feature request](
* Example: :) and (: both translate to smile.png but smile.png only has one entry on the toolbar smilies panel.
* Fixed minor bug in video panel where 'Online Video Url::' had two colons.
* Removed :'( from the smilies translation package and added 😢 ;( ;-( etc as replacement.
* Replaced the screenshots with newer ones.
* Created toolbar-pastebin-panel.php to handle the [paste][/paste] shortcode.  Starting with GitHub's Gist and
* Adjusted the [code] design so that it works better in all browsers.
* Prevented the bar from being displayed if the web browser is MSIE and less than version 8.0.

= 0.7.0 =
* Made images be anchored to their image file also.  As requested in [this topic]( on my forum.
* Built custom CSS ability.  Uses the default toolbar.css if there is not custom CSS available.  Custom CSS replaces toolbar.css and is run before the default/extended button css.
* Custom button ordering.  Drag and drop using jQuery's Sortable.

= 0.6.1 =
* Fixed the 5MB issue in toolbar-images-panel.php.  It now uses your site's PHP settings to determine your max upload filesize.
* Something else, but I've...