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=== bCMS ===

Contributors: misterbisson, borkweb, zbtirrell
Donate link:
Tags: bSuite, cms, content management, formatting, widgets, shortcodes, post loop, post, posts, page, pages, show posts, scroller, featured posts
Requires at least: 3.3
Tested up to: 4.0
Stable tag: trunk
A suite of tools that improve WordPress’ CMS capabilities.

== Description ==

Make WordPress a better CMS. Create a post loop in a widget. Lazy load widgets. More shortcodes. More good.

= Widgets =

  1. Post Loop allows you to build your own, um, post loop, and put it anywhere a widget will fit.
  2. Pages replaces WP’s built in Pages widget and adds the option to expand the page list to include the parents and immediate children of the page your currently viewing.
  3. The Breadcrumbs widget makes navigation throughout the site easier.
  4. Category description widget can display the category description without requiring you to modify your theme.
  5. The paged navigation widget makes it easier to display the number of pages in an archive.

= Shortcodes =

  1. Automatically build an index of headings on a page and create a table of contents to it (with links to anchors on the page)
  2. Embed a list of pages or sub-pages on a page or post

= In the plugin repo =


= Fork me! =

This plugin is on Github:

= Build status =

Master build status at Travis-CI:

= History =

The bCMS plugin is derived from bSuite and includes many of the content management features and none of the cruft from that plugin. See the whole family of bSuite plugins.

== Installation ==

  1. Place the plugin folder in your wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate it.

== Screenshots ==

  1. A Post Loop widget selecting popular posts and displayed inside a jQuery slider.
  2. The Post Loop widget configuration options.
  3. The Wijax widget can lazy load other widgets to improve performance.
  4. The innerindex shortcode improves navigation within a post or page.
  5. The innerindex shortcode automatically generates a table of contents from the headings in the post or page.