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=== Bookly - Responsive Appointment Booking Tool (Lite Version) ===

Contributors: Ladela
Donate link:
Tags: 2checkout, appointment,, booking, calendar, cart, google calendar, paypal, payson, reservation, responsive, stripe, woocommerce, wordpress, wpml
Requires at least: 3.7
Tested up to: 4.7.3
Stable tag: 13.0
License: GPLv3
License URI:

Bookly is a easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool for Service providers who think about their customers.

== Description ==

Bookly Plugin – is a great easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool for service providers who think about their customers. Plugin supports wide range of services, provided by business and individuals service providers offering reservations through websites. Setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easy with Bookly!

= Key features: =

* User friendly responsive touch optimized front end design
* Comprehensive admin area with intuitive interface
* Easy WordPress integration
* Fully translatable with WPML support
* Dozens of options to fit your business model
* Monthly/weekly/daily calendar view for service provider
* Unlimited colors
* Customer profiles
* Unlimited number of services
* Variable timeslot length
* Personalized week schedule for provider with unlimited number of breaks
* Configurable holidays and days-off
* Importable and manageable list of customers
* Customizable appearance settings
* Export of bookings to CSV
* Custom fields
* Night shift support
* SMS notifications
* SMS reminders

= Features available in full version: =

* Google Calendar integration
* WooCommerce integration
* Unlimited number of service providers
* More configurable settings for services
* PayPal payments
* Credit card payments through Authorize.Net and Stripe
* Editable email notifications to customers and service providers
* Configurable email reminders
* Payment reports
* Discount coupons
* Built-in cart
* Support for Bookly add-ons

= Plugins Resources =

[Home Page](  "WP Appointment Booking Plugin" ) |
[Documentation]( "WP Appointment Booking Plugin Docs" ) |
[Full version demo]( "WP Appointment Booking Plugin Demo" ) 

= How it works =

After a simple installation process, the website owner can start creating services, which can be provided to the customer upon request: events, meetings, lessons, consultations etc. Using integral managing tools, administrators can easily change and customize settings such as set individual schedule for each service provider, set individual service prices, define working days and hours for the whole company and for each service provider separately, manage services, customers, service providers and their availability, view billing information and payment reports with filters on multiple criteria, add and edit appointments, etc. The plugin also has an option to reserve appointments manually through the WP admin panel.

Bookly offers interesting solutions to make booking process pleasant for customers: the only thing that is required from the client is to complete 5 easy steps. The intuitive interface, as well as clear and attractive design make this process extremely easy. Customers have the possibility to find time convenient for appointments, select service provider, book time and pay for services. One more thing that will please your clients is the ability to view the available booking time intervals in their own time zone.

Let’s say you have installed the Bookly plugin, but its default design doesn’t correspond to the appearance of your website. Our developers took care of everything: you can easily modify the booking form design according to your own needs. It’s possible to select the main color and change the fields’ titles and descriptions.

The plugin offers easy and comfortable way of communication between service providers and customers by using e-mail notifications (available in pro version). There are several types of notifications for different cases: reminders, confirmations, follow-ups, agendas etc. You may also send notifications to your staff members, for example to give some information about the next agenda or appointment details. Website owner can manage all notifications settings in the WP admin panel.

Customizable calendar allows looking through appointments schedule for particular service provider and can be displayed in two modes: by weeks and by days. Administrators can also create new appointments and edit the existing ones. There is also an option to assign the color for each category of services for visual convenience.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= How can I embed the booking form into a post/page? =

You can find a button “Add Booking Form” above content editor for a post or a page.

== Screenshots ==

1. Booking process for a customer

2. Backend...