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BP Groups CiviCRM Sync

Contributors: needle, cuny-academic-commons
Donate link:
Tags: civicrm, buddypress, user, groups, sync
Requires at least: 4.9
Tested up to: 6.0
Stable tag: 0.4.2a
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Please note: this is the development repository for BP Groups CiviCRM Sync. The plugin is also available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, which is the best place to get it from if you’re not a developer.
The BP Groups CiviCRM Sync plugin provides two-way synchronisation between CiviCRM Groups and BuddyPress Groups. For each BuddyPress Group, the plugin will automatically create two CiviCRM Groups:

  • A “Member Group” (of type “Mailing List”) containing a Contact record for each corresponding BuddyPress Group Member. This Group is assigned the same name as the linked BuddyPress Group.
  • An “ACL Group” (of type “Access Control”) containing the Contact records of the Administrators of the corresponding BuddyPress Group. This gives BuddyPress Group Administrators the ability to view and edit their Group Members in CiviCRM.

When a new Member is added to (or joins) a BuddyPress Group, they are automatically added to the corresponding CiviCRM Group. Likewise, when a Contact is added to the CiviCRM “Member Group”, they will be added as a Member to the corresponding BuddyPress Group. If a Contact is added to the CiviCRM “ACL Group”, they will be added to the BuddyPress Group as an Administrator.


BP Groups CiviCRM Sync requires a minimum of WordPress 4.9, BuddyPress 1.8 and CiviCRM 5.19. Having the latest version of each plugin active is, of course, highly recommended.
This plugin works in a similar way to the Drupal Organic Groups CiviCRM module. Existing Groups in CiviCRM that were generated by the Drupal Organic Groups CiviCRM module can be migrated to become BuddyPress-compatible CiviCRM Groups.


There are two ways to install from GitHub:

ZIP Download

If you have downloaded BP Groups CiviCRM Sync as a ZIP file from the GitHub repository, do the following to install and activate the plugin:

  1. Unzip the .zip file and, if needed, rename the enclosing folder so that the plugin’s files are located directly inside /wp-content/plugins/bp-groups-civicrm-sync
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Optionally, convert existing Groups
  4. You are done!
git clone

If you have cloned the code from GitHub, it is assumed that you know what you’re doing.