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Cabin is the best JavaScript and Node.js logging service and logging npm package. Cabin is a drop-in replacement and the best alternative to Sentry, Timber, Airbrake, Papertrail, Loggly, Bugsnag, etc. Cabin will automatically detect and mask the following list of extremely sensitive types of data in your logs. Reduce your disk storage costs through Cabin’s automatic conversion of Streams, Buffers, and ArrayBuffers to simplified, descriptive-only objects that otherwise would be unreadable (and obviously pollute your log files and disk storage). Cabin works with the most popular Node.js HTTP frameworks (e.g. Express and Koa), request body handling packages (e.g. multer and body-parser), and the passport authentication framework. It supports Node v6.4+ and IE 10+ out of the box, and its browser-ready bundle is only 39 KB (minified and gzipped).


Features #

  • It supports Node v6.4+ and IE 10+ out of the box
  • Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Compatible
  • Integrate with Slack Using Custom Logging Hooks
  • Bring Your Own Logger (“BYOL”)
  • Save Time With Easy Debugging
  • Security, Privacy, and Business Focused


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