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=== CSS & JavaScript Toolbox ===
Contributors: wipeoutmedia
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Tags: post, posts, admin, sidebar, page, pages, widget, image, shortcode, plugin, google, customise, style, scripts, hack, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, PHP, code, script, scripts, manage, management, display, output, header, footer, apply, requests, match, hook, execute, run
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:
Requires at least: 3.9
Tested up to: 4.3.1
Stable tag: 8.0.5

Easily add custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP code to unique CJT code blocks and assign them wherever you want.

== Description ==
CSS & JavaScript Toolbox (or CJT) is a powerful code management plugin that gives you the tools to easily and safely modify or extend the functionality and appearance of your WordPress-powered website.

= Perfect for WordPress website development =
Whether it be adding free/premium scripts, creating and testing new scripts, streamlining development work, making front-end customisations, or even teaching and learning WordPress – CJT is extremely flexible and versatile.

= How does it work? =
Since CJT was designed to be easy, adding scripts and styles can be done in as little as two steps.

- adding your code directly into unique CJT code blocks
- assigning where these code blocks go

CJT code blocks can be assigned to pages, posts, custom posts, categories, URLs, expressions, and practically anywhere you want on your website. Code block shortcodes can also provide you with further placement accuracy.

= Why purchase CSS & JavaScript Toolbox PLUS? =
[CSS & JavaScript Toolbox PLUS]( is our new premium plugin, featuring a faster and more powerful core, PLUS these features below:
- Inverted Assignments (NEW FEATURE)
- Support for Post Tags (NEW FEATURE)
- Editor Themes
- Editor Toolbox
- Editor Menu Tools
- Code Auto Completion (CAC)
- Import Export Tool
- Block Widget Linker
- code optimisation and bug fixes
- 100% compatibility with the the latest WordPress
- PLUS more!!!

= Support Us =
The CSS & JavaScript Toolbox project is 100% developed and maintained by only two people since the very beginnings in August 2011. We have plenty of feature ideas that we want to introduce and this can only be possible with funding.

You can also support us by providing a [feedback review and rating]( on, and spreading the word and recommending CJT to others.

= Follow the Developments =
If you like to know more about the development state, issues and to track future versions code please follow us on [GitHub Plugin repository](

== Installation ==
1. If you're upgrading from older versions its highly recommended to backup your database before upgrading.
2. Upload the 'css-javascript-toolbox' folder to the '/wp-content/plugins/' directory
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
4. Click 'CSS & JavaScript Toolbox' link in the main navigation (left side of your Dashboard).

== Frequently Asked Questions ==
= Why was the CJT plugin developed and what is it used for? =
The CJT plugin was created to help website authors write their own code. The plugin allows you to contribute to your WordPress installation code via a simple web interface, where you can modify and extend the functionality and appearance of your website by writing code directly into CJT code blocks. A typical example of using the plugin can include changing the the way a specific WordPress page is displayed, or making a page more interactive by adding some JavaScript (Dynamic HTML).

= What is a CJT 'code block'? =
The CJT code block is the basic unit for writing code and to associate it with specific WordPress requests.

= What is the Assignment Panel? =
The Assignment Panel is a tabs window, which appears on the right side of the code block editor and is used to assign/apply the code block into specific requests.

= Can you select more than one item from the Assignment Panel? = 
Yes. You can select any number of items you need, there is no limitation regarding this.

= Can you assign multiple blocks to the same items from the Assignment Panel? =
Yes. It's one of the most useful features that CJT supports as it allows you to manage/split your codes into several code blocks, allowing you to override code in a former (or lower ordered) code block.

= What is Pages, Posts, Categories and Custom Posts tabs? =
These lists with checkboxes represent all of your WordPress Pages, Posts, Categories and Custom Posts that your entire website contains.  It also supports subpages and sub-categories, which you will also find in there. 

= What is the Auxiliary tab?...