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Doliconnector for Dolibarr

The sharing of yours Dolibarr’s informations on your WordPress website compatible with dolibarr multicompany and WordPress multisite with ratio $blog_id == $entity
This module use REST API.
This module required Dolibarr >=10.0.0 stable installation
Support : or or
Development :
Updates :
Thank you for your contribution


WordPress’s user <-> Dolibarr’s Company <-> Dolibarr’s Member <-> Dolibarr’s user


Download then install Doliconnect for Dolibarr in your custom directory then active it.
Save you settings : a network admin or powerfull WordPress’s user
REST API module must be active on every entity on Dolibarr
Your WordPress needs free Doliconnect module for WordPress. It’s available here
You can enhance it with our Doliconnect PRO, with online shop and pay inside your WordPress
Buy and download it on
A valid KEY is necessary to download and update this plugin. (use internal automatic updater of WordPress)