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Douyin TikTok Download API

Software Open Source Web Development

Use the official interface to capture Douyin|TikTok data, support API calls, Web portals, and batch analysis. Fast, asynchronous, free, open source, ad-free, long-term maintenance. This project is based on PyWebIO , FastAPI , HTTPX , a fast and asynchronous Douyin / TikTok data crawling tool, and realizes online batch parsing and downloading of watermark-free videos or atlases through the web, data crawling API, and iOS shortcut instructions for watermark-free download and other functions. You can deploy or transform this project yourself to achieve more functions, or you can directly call in your project or install an existing pip package as a parsing library to easily crawl data, etc. Support input Douyin|TikTokuser homepage to crawl the author [homepage video data (remove watermark link, liked video list (permission must be public), video comment data, background music video list data, etc…).


Features #

  • Douyin (Douyin overseas version: TikTok) video/picture analysis
  • Batch parsing on the webpage (support Douyin/TikTok mixed submission)
  • Batch download of watermark-free videos on the web-side parsing result page (Temporarily removed for V3.0.0)
  • API call to get link data
  • Make a pip package to facilitate and quickly import your project
  • [iOS shortcut command to quickly call API] Realize in-app download of watermark-free video/atlas
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