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This is the customized child theme for wordpress installs with the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit plugin. It is recommended that it is cloned inside the wp-content/themes directory with the name quest-child.

git clone quest-child
cd quest-child
vi analytics.php

Insert your google analytics code like so:

      echo "<script>[YOUR GOOGLE ANALYTICS CODE]
      function add_google_tracking(){
        jQuery('.button').on('click', function() {
          ga('send', 'event', jQuery(this).data('label'), 'click', jQuery(this).data('pid'));
          console.log('send', 'event', jQuery(this).data('label'), 'click', jQuery(this).data('pid'));

If you would like to override some of the functionality and styles or this
child theme you may create a sub-directory named overrides. This directory
will be ignored by git and your changes won’t be overwritten by future git pulls
from the main repo. Additionally, you can initialize this repository as a
git-submodule and track your own changes in your own repo.

  cd wp-content/themes/quest-child
  mkdir overrides
  touch overrides/style.css
  echo "<?php //silence is golden" > overrides/functions.php

You can also override some of the actions that are present in the custom footer.
See footer.php for where they exist. For example, if you would like to change
the first footer you would first remove_action and then add_action (your own):

remove_action('add_first_footer', 'add_custom_footer', 10);            // removes default
add_action( 'add_first_footer', 'my_own_footer_function', 10, 0 );  // adds your own

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit Plugin
If you would like breadcrumbs on single pages/posts (not drs items) that reflect hierarchy, simply drag and drop the pages in the wp-admin pages screen to nest.