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=== Easy ToolBox ===
Contributors: frederic Galline
Donate link: 
Tags: SEO, Facebook, adsense, Google analytics, GetClicky, twitter, all in one, share, like, netvibes, widget, button +1, +1, plusone, plus one
Requires at least: 3.1
Tested up to: 3.2
Stable tag: 3.2
This plugin is simple, all in one and really simplifies your life (SEO, Social networks, Google adsense, GetClicky, button +1, plusone, plus one, Twitter and more).

== Description ==

EasyToolbox is an All in One plugin. with, it will be very easy to optimize your site for search engines and/or add "social" to retain your audience. Easytoolbox will also allow you to easily add advertising on your site to monetize it. No need to be an expert to be finally visible. Enjoy ..

= Simplicity =
You never have to put your hands in your source code. Easytoolbox will add many widgets to your site according to your needs.

= New options / New widgets =
* Google Analytics to track your traffic,
* [Get Clicky]( real time analytics !!
* SEO tools really simple but efficient,
* Webmastertools, bing, Yahoo, Alexa
* facebook "Like" Button in your articles (iFrame or XFBML),
* Google +1 button easy install,
* Twitter "Follow me" Buttom with widget,
* Official Tweet button,
* Logos "Share" to share your information on facebook, twitter, netvibes, Digg, Technorati, Wikio, Delicious ...
* Your RSS feeds optimize with Feedburner,

= Monetize =
You will be able to very simply add Google Adsense advertising on your articles and your Sidebar (Widgets). 

= Languages =
Easytoolbox is Multi-language

== Installation ==

1. IMPORTANT! If you are upgrading from a previous version first deactivate the plugin, then delete the plugin folder from your server.

2. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder. 

3. Go to the **Plugins** page and activate the plugin.

1. Use the **Options/Settings** page to adjust the behaviour of the plugin.

[My web site]( has [full instructions]( and [information in french](

== Version History ==

= Version 1.0 = 

* add [Get Clicky]( real stats
* add Google "+1 button"
* add widget tweeter "follow me" button
* CSS bug correction
* WP 3.13 compatible

= Version 0.3.0 = 

* More options Webmaster. Add Bin Webmaster and Yahoo Site Explorer
* add Italian and Arabic languages

= Version 0.2.5 = 

* Bug fixes
* Add 6 new widgets (Facebook, twitter, social, mailinglist via Feedburner)

= Version 0.1 = 

* Initial release

== Screenshots ==

1. Widget Home
2. Global Options
3. More social Options
4. Monetize
5. Eg of Widgets