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=== EP Tools (Eros Pedrini Tools) - Plugins GUI ===
Contributors: Eros Pedrini
Tags: ep tools, plugin, gui
Requires at least: 2.1
Tested up to: 2.6
Stable tag: 1.3

This plugin (EP Tools Plugins GUI) is responsible to manage the GUIs of my plugins.

== Description ==

This plugin (EP Tools Plugins GUI) is responsible to manage the GUIs of my plugins. This plugin collect all the configuration interface in a single page in order to minimize the impact on WordPress Administrative area.

The features are:

 * full support to WordPress auto-upgrade functionality;
 * full-uninstall for this plugin (remove all plugin's data stored in WordPress database);
 * full-uninstall for supported plugin (if  available);
 * plugin's GUI loading full automated

== Installation ==
In order to install this plugin, please follow the next stesps:

The .zip file contains two distinct directory: (a) ep_tools_atom_fix and (b) ep_tools_shared; the first one contains the plugin itself, the second one contains the common framework for all my plugins.
If you have all ready the ep_tools_shared folder, *don't delete it*, but only copy in it the files enclosed within this plugin.
 1. remove EP_Tools (Eros Pedrini Tools) - Atom Fix, if it is installed and if its version is below 2.0;
 2. remove EP_Tools (Eros Pedrini Tools) - Administrative GUI, if it is installed;
 3. copy the ep-tools-eros-pedrini-tools-gui folder in the WordPressfolder wp-content/plugins;
 4. active the plugin from the WordPress plugin interfece.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Should I modify any code in wordpress? =
Not needed. You have to just upload the files

= If I de-activate this plugin will it affect my blog? =
No. This plugin uses some of function of wordpress. WordPress has nothing to with plugin. So de-activating this plugin is 100% safe.

== Screenshots ==

No Screenshots avaiable.