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Error Reporting


Error Reporting


Pricing page

  • Free tier: 7,500 free events monthly, unlimited projects, issue tracker and chat integrations, 7-day data storage
  • Pros: Advanced error search and filtering, error spike and regression alerts, daily and weekly summary emails, support for sourcemaps, dSYMs, and Proguard mapping files
  • Limitations: Limited to 1 user
  • Exceeding the free tier: Error reporting continues, but only new errors will be recorded. You’ll be alerted to upgrade to increase your data allotment.


Pricing Page

  • Free tier: Access to all core features (log inspection, application state, video replay, help-desk integrations, etc.).
  • Pros: Stand out feature (above competition) is the ability to view a video of what the end-user saw when the error/exception was triggered/thrown.
  • Limitations: 1000 sessions (continuous period of user activity) and 14 day data retention.
  • Exceeding the free tier: Notified on how to upgrade to higher tier and exceeding sessions will not be logged.


Product pagePricing page

  • Free tier: 1000 errors monthly, 30 days retetion, uptime monitoring
  • Pros: Eeasy to use, and easy to integrate.
  • Exceeding the free tier: warning messages


Pricing page

  • Free tier: 5,000 events/month, 30-day data history
  • Pros: Unlimited users, no mandatory rate limits, full-featured support for the most popular languages & frameworks, full API access, full access to Rollbar technical support
  • Limitations: SAML-based SSO (Okta, Google Apps, Bitium) only available in paid tiers


Pricing page

  • Free tier: 5,000 events/month, 30-day history
  • Pros: BSD-licensed open source, supports source maps and symbolication, view source code in stack traces, request/session information available, filtering, API access, Single sign-on
  • Limitations: Limit 1 user