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FiveTool WordPress Theme for 2020

To get started:

  1. Clone theme into a new theme folder in WordPress.
  2. Activate theme
  3. Install ACF Pro
  4. Sync field groups already created in ACF-JSON folder
    • This will create a modular drag and drop interface when you select the ‘Page Modular’ template.

Theme Features:

Webpack for processing SASS and JS files
Source JS and SASS files are stored under the /src directory.
Webpack is using babel for ES6 transpiling and postCSS for adding vendor prefixes to CSS files.
TODO: Detail src structure
To get started: (In terminal)

  1. run ‘npm i’ in the theme directory to install dependencies.
  2. run ‘npm run dev’ to use webpack to compile JS and SASS files. This will also run a watch task so whenever you change any files under /src it will recompile.
  3. run ‘npm run build’ to create production ready files under dist/

(Currently dev and build create the same files, dev just also runs a watch task)
ACF for block building
This theme is based on using ACF for creating “blocks” of content that can be utilized within a flexible content drag and drop interface.
A hero block example has been created under /template-parts/blocks/ft-hero.php. ft-hero matches the name of the field group within the ACF flexible content group. page-modular.php loops through the flexible content field and based on the block it encouters will load the same name template file.