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Tools Open Source PHP WordPress
##Foldy Child Theme for Toolbox Parent Theme
* Github project link:

Name: Matt Vincent

# Need to know
* If you don't want to use one of the two menus, remove from header and functions or create a new WP3 menu, leave empty and select

## Changelog
* 03/07/13
	*added rows
##functions.php includes
* 03/06/13
	* One Header widget and three footer widgets
	* wp_enqueue_script to add jquery
	* no comments on pages script
	* registered secondary nav

README included in Paravel's Foldy960
# Foldy960 - A responsive 960 grid from Paravel
Foldy960 isn't aiming to be Yet-Another-CSS-Framework and we hesitate to use the term "Boilerplate".  Foldy is just a little kit and some extra classes to get you going on making your []( design responsive.

*New*: Foldy 6 Column is a bit different than the traditional 960. It's all fluid, but for proportions sake, think of it in the following pixel dimensions:

* 6 Columns
* 135px wide column
* 30px wide gutter
* 990px total width.

## Features
* Simplified Mobile First 6 Column Responding Grid
  * `0 - 480px`: One column fluid.
  * `480 - 640px`: One column fluid with a little subgridding.
  * `640px+`: Fluid 6 column "960" grid.
* `.grid-right` for proper content collapsing
* `.content-pad-right` & `.content-pad-left` for extra padding if you needed. Obviously, not the most desired semantics, but absolutely bulletproof when you're padding content.
* `.gallery` - a class for handling image galleries. Goes from bi-grid to tri-grid.
* Foldy defaults to `max-width: 1280px;` but change that to whatever you friggin' want.

## Changelog
* 09/04/2012
  * Mobile First
  * Changed to hyphenation instead of underline.
  * Changed `.foldy-gallery` to just `.gallery` with subclass `.grid-unit`
* 09/07/2011
  * Switched to 6 column grid.
  * Added `.foldy-gallery` class.
* 08/26/2011
  * Simplified down responsiveness down to a single media query.
* 05/23/2011
  * Initial release.

## License
Foldy is licensed under the WTFPL + "Not going to maintain this because the rent is too damn high" License.