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Fonts for Programmers License


Fonts for Programmers

Context: frontend-dev-bookmarks / Workflow
Programmers need special fonts, which help align the code and distinguish between characters, that look alike.

  • Droid Sans Mono: Droid Sans Mono makes for a great programming font. Its only real flaw is the lack of a slashed zero.
  • Free Programming Fonts: A demonstration of beautiful fonts for people who love to code.
  • Mononoki: Mononoki is a typeface by Matthias Tellen, created to enhance code formatting.
  • Profont: Profont is a monospaced font created to be a most readable font for programming. It is designed to look good a really small sizes
  • Source Code Pro: Source Code Pro is a set of OpenType fonts that have been designed to work well in user interface (UI) environments.
  • Space Mono: Space Mono is an original fixed-width type family designed by Colophon Foundry for Google Design.


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