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=== Form Tools ===
Contributors: benkeen
Donate link:
Tags: comments, spam
Requires at least: 2.8.0
Tested up to: 2.8.4
Stable tag: 1.0.0

This plugin lets you view and manage forms that has been configured with the open source Form Tools application within WordPress.

== Description ==

The Form Tools WordPress Plugin lets you view and manage your form submissions through your WordPress installation. For WordPress users, this can be a much more convenient way to manage your data: instead of having to log into two separate scripts you can find all your information in one place.

This plugin includes a simple mechanism for mapping WordPress accounts to Form Tools accounts. Since Form Tools already provides a wide range of options for controlling the permissions of individual users (e.g. controlling which forms and which form fields they can view and edit), rather than provide duplicate functionality, the plugin lets you map one or more WordPress accounts to a Form Tools account - to get the same permissions within WordPress. This gives you tremendous control over who sees what and reduces the amount of configuration time.

== Installation ==

Please see the installation documentation on the Form Tools site:

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

For FAQ and user documentation, see the Form Tools website here:

* Documentation: []( "")
* Forums: []( "")

== Screenshots ==

1. i121.jpg
2. i122.jpg
3. i124.jpg
4. i128.jpg

== Changelog ==

= 1.0.0 =
* Initial release