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Forme CodeGen

Code Generation CLI For The Forme WordPress Framework.
Install it globally.

composer global require forme/codegen

Click here for Documentation


For development run phive install --force-accept-unsigned followed by composer install.
Tools are in ./tools rather than ./vendor/bin
You also need git cliff for generating changelogs and pcov to generate coverage stats for infection to measure against.
The useful ones are set up as composer scripts.

composer test # run pest
composer stan # run phpstan on src
composer rector:check # rector dry run on src
composer rector:fix # rector on src
composer cs:check # php cs fixer dry run on src
composer cs:fix # php cs fixer on src
composer phar:build # build phar with box (experimental, some features don't work yet)
composer changelog # run git cliff
composer hooks # install git hooks (will run on composer install automatically)
composer bump:version # bump to the next patch version - can also take argument "minor" or "major"
composer infection # run infection on src
composer infection:log # run infection on src and log to infection.html

Output all help as markdown for docs

# requires findutils on OSX - you can drop the "g" xargs prefix on Linux
forme list --raw | cut -d' ' -f1 | gxargs -n1 -d'n' forme --format=md help | sed $'s/x1b\[91m([A-Za-z\._-]*)x1b\[0m/`\1`/g' | sed $'s/    x1b\[0;33m(.*)x1b\[0m/```bash\n\1\n```/g' | sed $'s,x1b\[[0-9;]*[a-zA-Z],,g' >

Manual steps:

  1. Check the section/command titles as this doesn’t seem to output correct line breaks
  2. Find and replace home folder
  3. Copy into docs