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Forms – Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility 18F GSA
Table of Contents

Making forms accessible is a simple process. Each form element should be associated with its instructions and errors, and everything should be accessible via the keyboard.


Testing #

  1. Identify each form element.
  2. Find all instructions associated with each element.
    • It is a failure if a form element isn’t programmatically associated with all instructions. This includes legends, labels, hint text and tooltips.
    • A common way of achieving this is using fieldset and legend tags. Fieldset is used to group a set of elements. Legend is the first child of a fieldset tag and provides context for those fields.
  3. Ensure all field elements are accessible via the keyboard.
    • If the form cannot be filled out with just a keyboard, this is a failure.
  4. Check for title attributes
    • Title attributes can be a substitute for labels.
    • If the title attributes provides all the related information it passes, if it provides extra information it fails.
    • Title attributes are not accessible via keyboard.