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Garrett County Planning Tool (GCPT) – Public Health and Population Health Data and Planning Tool


We recommend installing through the WordPress repository to receive automatic updates.

Updating From The UCPT (2018 Versions)

  1. Disable, but do NOT uninstall the UCPT plugins.
    (Depending on the version you have, this may be either one UCPT plugin or three separate modules: UCPT Manager, UCPT Strategy Card, and UCPT Raw Data.)
  2. Search the WordPress plugin repository inside your admin panel ( under the plugins tab for “Garrett County Planning Tool”
    (The new version merges both the UCPT and GCPT branches to facilitate open source development and compatability as the projects continue to grow rapidly.)
  3. Activate your new “Garrett County Planning Tool” plugin.

Where’s The Code?

While we recommend non-technical folks use the WordPress plugin repository, techy folks and curious minds can explore releases under the tags folder.
Note, the trunk folder is used for development in this repository.


All code and related source files released under GPLv3 license unless otherwise stated. Markdown documentation, articles, and photos licensed under CC0 unless otherwise stated.
Third party, bundled open source components and packaged PDFs licensed separately.