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=== Gigya Toolbar - Increase traffic and revenues ===
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Requires at least: 2.5
Tested up to: 2.9.1
Stable tag: 1.0.7

Add the Gigya Toolbar for Free and increase traffic and revenues!

== Description ==

The Gigya Toolbar increases your blog's traffic and provides an opprtunity to make extra revenues:

* Get return traffic when users share and tweet from the toolbar.
* Supports 80 social destinations including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo.
* FREE and takes only 2 minutes to add to any site.
* The toolbar does not affect page load time! It loads only after the page has finished loading.
* Get paid for searches made from the toolbar (coming soon).

Important Links:

* <a href="" title="Installations tutorial"> Installation tutorial and advanced configuration</a>
* <a href="" title="Tech support">Technical support forum</a>

== Installation ==

Installations is quick and simple:
<li>download the plug-in, unpack and upload the folder to the the /wpcontent/plugins/ directory on your blog.</li>
<li>find the Gigya Toolbar plug-in on the plug-in list and click Activate.</li>
If you want to customize the plug-in further go to the Plug-in tab in the WordPress administration panel.

You can read about the configuration options at Gigya online documentation - <a href="" title="Installations tutorial"> Installation tutorial and advanced configuration</a>


If you have gone through the instruction above, but still don't see the Toolbar in your blog, your theme might not support adding code to your blog footer.
Please follow the instructions <a href="">here</a> to fix this.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

What else can the toolbar do and what's your plan for future enhancements?

The Social Toolbar includes a richness of features and we are adding more features every month:
<li>Connect to one or more social networks - The toolbar currently supports connecting to FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo</li>
<li>Facebook "Fan Page" button - Users can check out your page updates and can become a fan with one click</li>
<li>Twitter updates button - Users can check out your recent tweets right from your toolbar</li>
<li>Update status/Tweet - Users can update status or tweet right from the toolbar. Site owners can set the default message text</li>
<li>Google site search - Users can search the content of your site</li>
<li>Share - One click share to over 80 social destinations</li>
<li>Email - Users can email friends and even import contacts from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and AOL</li>
<li>Subscribe to feed button</li>
<li>Hide/unhide toolbar</li>
<li>Themes - use default or Blue themes. More themes coming soon</li>
<li>Chat with social network friends directy from the toolbar - Coming soon!</li>

How can I make money with the toolbar?

To start earning revenues from your toolbar, first set the toolbar on your site and sign up for an account at <a href="">Gigya</a>. Then contact us at  with your partner ID.

Can I get reports (analytics) about my Toolbar?

If you want to track analytics for your Toolbar, you must first sign up for a Gigya account on <a href=""></a> and enter your Gigya partner ID where it says "Your Gigya ID" in the WordPress administration panel. You can find your Partner ID in the account setting page. This allows Gigya to track your toolbar performance and pay you when users search from your toolbar.

== Screenshots ==
1. Default theme.
2. Blue theme.

== Changelog ==
= 1.0.7 =
Bug fix - Getting "Call to a member function get_feed_permastruct() on  a non-object" error when activating the plugin.

= 1.0.6 =
New features:

* New brown theme.
* Welcome message - You can configure a welcome message that will be shown once when a user enters the site.

Note: Starting from this version you have to enter your  API key from gigya for the toolbar to work.
You can register your site and get your API key <a href="" title="Gigya" target="_blank" >here</a>.

= 1.0.5 =
New features:

* Toolbar themes - Select between default (gray) or blue theme. More themes coming soon!
* Hide search box - You can hide the site search box.

= 1.0.4 =
* Bug fix - non English characters not presented correctly on settings page.

= 1.0.3 =
New features:

* RSS button.
* Twitter updates button.
* Facebook fan page button.

= 1.0.2 =
* Bug fixes.

= 1.0.1 =
* Initial version.