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Follow the early development of HRCloud3 on the official HRCloud3 Github Repo!!!





A Fully Featured home-hosted Cloud Storage platform and Personal Assistant that Converts files, OCR’s images & documents, Creates archives, Scans for viruses, Protects your server, Keeps itself up-to-date, and Runs your own AppLauncher!


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A Secure, Private Cloud Storage Platform for your Home Server!

HRCloud2 is a personal Cloud CMS Platform similar to ownCloud but with far greater capability that includes all the same functionality as a commercial end-user based Cloud platform. Functions like file conversion, OCR, archiving, dearchiving, A/V scanning, sharing and more. With HRCloud2 you can perform all your favorite bash and command line tools just by selecting checkboxes and clicking buttons, from anywhere.
HRCloud2 can integrate with WordPress, although it will install what it needs from WordPress when it does not exist. It uses user accounts created by WordPress, but does not itself use a database for anything other than user authentication. All log and cache files are internally controlled.
A perfect ownCloud or NextCloud alternative.


  • Takes user uploads and stores them in user-specific (but not database driven) non-hosted directories set by the administrator in the config.php file. Files that are requested by the user are temporarily moved to a user-specific hosted directory or symlinks are created and cleaned regularly.
  • Supports unlimited number of users. User storage, cache, and log files are automatically created the first time a new user logs in. Uses built-in WordPress for account creation and management.
  • Multiple file uploads per request. To download multiple files the user can select files and the archive format of their choosing.
  • Can implement various levels of virus scanning. ClamAV is required for A/V support.
  • Can archive, extract, and convert just about anything (various dependencies to enable support).
  • Convert document, image, audio, video, 3d model, vector drawings, presentation (slideshow/pages), disk images, and archive filetypes to other filetypes.
  • Open, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents and rich-text files.
  • Performs OCR on any image or .pdf and turn it into any office document. Supports multi-page PDF’s.
  • Image editing features (rotate, resize, convert. API for maintain A/R).
  • Copy multiple files.
  • Rename multiple files.
  • Delete multiple files.
  • User Selectable Skins & Color Schemes.
  • Includes zelon88’s HRAI project as a plugin-ready personal assistant.
  • Accepts some plain speech commands. Go wild and try grammar, punctuation, multiple commands per line ect….
  • HRAI uses the client’s speakers to speak it’s response with an option to disable audio, or HRAI completely on the settings page.
  • Keeps excellent logs of everything it does.
  • Stream media & create playlists.
  • Share files with other users or the public.
  • Launch HRCloud2 Apps from the AppLauncher.
  • Admins can automatically install Apps from .zip files or uninstall them just as easily.
  • Compatible with the HRCloud2-Game-Pack and HRCloud2-App-Pack
  • Includes “Notes”, “Contacts”, “Bookmarks”, and “Calculator” apps by zelon88.
  • Includes “Grabber” App by zelon88 for downloading files from URL straight to your Cloud Drive.
  • Includes “ServStat” App for admins that allows monitoring of local or remote servers.
  • Includes “ServMonitor” App for real-time monitoring of server utilization, status, and specs (including CPU, RAM, Temp(s), Battery, Power Status, and more specs than your device manager could shake a stick at!
  • Includes “PHP-AV” App, a server-side anti-virus, anti-malware app. Target ANY file or folder on the server, or intelligently scans HRCloud2-related files.
  • Includes “Pell” App for creating, opening, editing, and saving office and document files.
  • Includes “Uber Gallery” App for viewing images.
  • Includes “Executor” App giving Admins the ability to remotely execute Bash code on the server.
  • Includes “Calendar” App for checking out dates (Tasks/ToDo’s/Notifications in-process).
  • Includes “JSPaint” App for creating, editing, and saving image files. Feels just like MSPaint!
  • Includes an “RSS” feed reader. A high performance way to create, manage, and view separate RSS feeds with multiple sources each.
  • Includes “OpenJSCad* App for opening, creating, viewing, and saving 3D models.
  • Automatic Updates (downloads latest updates from Github and installs itself).
  • Clear cache option.
  • Clipboard (copy/paste files, folders, items between locations).
  • Compiles a user specific desktop client app on-demand from the user’s Settings page. Compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS on 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARM CPU’s. Installers are included with Windows builds.
  • Includes a cron for auto-backups, or backup anytime from the admin settings page.


  • Any x86 or x64 PC that meets the Dependency Requirements.
  • Raspberry Pi and other linux-capable…