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HubSpot to WordPress Blog Migration Tool

This tool allows you to export all pages from your HubSpot blog into a JSON file, download all media, and then import into WordPress.


  • composer install
  • Copy .env.example to .env and add your HubSpot API key.
    Wordpress API requires Basic Authentication, which can be achieved using the Application Passwords plugin.


First, download all blog posts from HubSpot and export in JSON format.

php bin/console hubspot:blog:export > blogs.json

Then, go through and download all images mentioned in the blog post or marked as the featured image. Create new blog post
export with updated paths ready for WordPress

php bin/console hubspot:media:download blogs.json > blogs_with_updated_image_paths.json

Copy downloaded images into your WordPress install
On Server

mkdir wp-content/uploads/migrated


rsync -avz downloaded-images/ user@server:/var/www/html/wp-content/uploads/migrated/

Use WordPress API to create blog posts, specifying a default author name.

php bin/console -vvv wordpress:blog:import blogs_with_updated_image_paths.json "Default Author Name"

Assumptions Made

  • All blog posts are imported as status “published” as we deleted anything that wasn’t already published in HubSpot before starting.
  • Pretty permalinks have been enabled, see here (otherwise wp-json URL does not work)
  • Any pre-existing WordPress users have their full name set as “Display name publicly as”