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Images – Accessibility Guidelines

Accessibility 18F GSA
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When using images on a page, you must provide an alternate method for that content. This can be provided in multiple ways. You can provide this information with a caption, alt attribute (alt tag), title attribute, or aria-label attribute. If an image has text, all the text in the image must be provided in the alternate content. No matter which method is used, an alt or title attribute must be provided, even if the attribute is blank.


Testing #

  1. Using the web developer tool, select images > Display Alt Attributes & Outline All Images.
  2. Inspect each alt attribute for the following:
    • A unique description of the image is provided
    • Repeated images used for controls, status indicators, or other programmatic elements have consistent alt text
    • Text included in the image should be included in the alt when they are important to understanding the image
    • Note: DHS Trusted Tester requires all text in an image be included in the alt attribute * “Image of” or “Photo of” is not used * If the alt attribute is empty, ensure the image is purely decorative
    • If the image is not decorative, make sure the image is described on the page
  3. Check outlined images without alt attribute by doing the following:
    • Right click the image
    • Select ‘Inspect Element’
    • Check for a title attribute for the information normally found on the alt attribute