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The effortless open-source tool for event organization, archival, and collaboration. Event-organization workflow that fits lectures, meetings, workshops, and conferences. A feature-rich event management system, made @ CERN, the place where the Web was born. A powerful and flexible hierarchical content management system for events, a full-blown conference organization workflow with call for Abstracts and abstract reviewing modules; flexible registration form creation and configuration; integration with existing payment systems; a paper reviewing workflow; a drag and drop timetable management interface; a simple badge editor with the possibility to print badges and tickets for participants; tools for meeting management and archival of presentation materials; a powerful room booking interface; integration with existing video conferencing solutions.


Features #

  • Multi-granular tree-based protection scheme
  • Easy upload and retrieval of presentations, papers and other documents
  • Permanent archival of all event material and metadata
  • Reviewing functionalities for conference papers
  • Full coverage of the conference lifecycle
  • Room booking and management
  • Integration with several collaborative tools


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