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LDAP User Sync for WordPress

This is a WordPress plugin to synchronize user accounts from a LDAP directory to your WordPress user database.
License: BSD 2-Clause
Inspired by ricardozanini/ldap-users-sync, which syncs AD accounts to WP. Differences are:

  • Works with generic LDAP servers, not only Active Directory
  • Allows to customize all mappings for the user table (first name, last name, nice name, login name, email, url, and display name)
  • does NOT sync additional attributes to user meta

Key features

  • custom value to LDAP attribute mapping (with fallback option, if first LDAP attribute is not set)
  • custom filter for selecting user accounts
  • scheduling is possible (using WP-Cron)


GitHub Updater

This plugin is compatible with GitHub Updater.
Install it by copying the GitHub URL and pasting it under Settings -> GitHub Updater -> Install plugin.


  1. Download the latest ZIP using “Clone or download” -> Downloap ZIP
  2. Unzip it into wp-content/plugins/ldap-user-sync


Clone into wp-content/plugins/ldap-user-sync:

git clone wp-content/plugins/ldap-user-sync

and enable it in the Plugins section of WP Admin.