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Sync Markdown to WordPress posts

This repository is inspired by and forked from WordPressXMLRPCTools with the author’s permission under GNU General Public License.
The original repository is used by the author to update his WordPress posts and therefore contains a lot of commits. To make it cleaner, I decided to start a new repository and copy the essential files here.
Please refer to the original repo for the author’s motivation and philosophy of this project

Quick start

This repository is just a code base. To use it, please go to m2w-example and click “Use thie template” to create a repository for your own WordPress.
In the repo you just created using the template:

  1. Add the following GitHub Actions secrets
    1. USERNAME your WordPress username
    2. PASSWORD your WordPress password
    3. XMLRPC_PHP the url of your xmlrpc.php. Usually it is
    4. M2W_VERSION the version of m2w (this repo). The latest version is recommended. You can go to Releases/Tags to find tag name you want to use as well
    5. ENABLE_DELETION whether to delete the corresponding WordPress post when the Markdown gets deleted. Feel free to skip it if you don’t want to enable deletion
  2. Clone the repo to your local and stay on main branch
  3. Add/modify/delete your post in posts directory
  4. Commit the changes to GitHub as you did for other repositories
  5. Wait for the GitHub Actions to complete
  6. Done! 🎉


  • Don’t forget to git pull when the GitHub Actions is done, since it adds a new commit on GitHub. I sometimes forget about it and commit my changes, then there will be a conflict
  • Feel free to modify the README as long as ---start---, ---end--- and the lines in between are kept untouched