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WPORG Markdown Importer

Imports Markdown from a remote site (like GitHub) into WordPress as pages.


Each importer needs to override the abstract methods:

  • get_base() – Base URL for imported pages. This will be stripped from the key before comparing.
  • get_manifest_url() – URL pointing to the manifest.
  • get_post_type() – Post type to import as.

Manifest Format

The manifest should be a JSON object, with the keys set to the desired permalink (excluding the base path). Each item should also be a JSON object, containing the following keys:

  • slug – Post name to insert. (Must match the final path-part of the key.)
  • markdown_source – URL for the Markdown file to parse into content.
  • parent – Key for the parent to store under. (Must correspond to the non-final path-parts of the key.)
  • title – Title to use when creating post. Used temporarily, will be updated from the Markdown file. If not specified, defaults to slug (but will be updated from Markdown source).

Note: The Handbook index should have the slug index.

	"foo": {
		"title": "Temporary Foo Title",
		"slug": "foo",
		"markdown_source": "",
		"parent": null
	"foo/bar": {
		"title": "Temporary Bar Title",
		"slug": "bar",
		"markdown_source": "",
		"parent": "foo"
	"foo/bar/quux": {
		"title": "Temporary Quux Title",
		"slug": "quux",
		"markdown_source": "",
		"parent": "foo/bar"