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A modern, best-practice filled base for bespoke WordPress site development.
NOTE: This readme is automatically deleted when the script completes.


You will need the following installed on your system before attempting to set-up a MKDO Base based project using this guide:

Two-Factor Authentication for GitHub API

As this script leverages the GitHub API for repository creation, you will need to take some additional steps before being able to use it to scaffold a new project instance, due to the additional authentication required. If you do not have 2FA enabled on your GitHub account, please do so here ASAP.

  1. Head over to
  2. Generate a new token, giving it repo privileges, and name it so that you know it relates to MKDO Base
  3. Copy the token before moving away from this page.
  4. Create a new file ~/.mkdobase_token on your machine.
  5. Paste the token into this file and save.

This script will look for ~/.mkdobase_token before doing anything else, and will abort if the token is not present. This file should only contain the personal access token you copied from Github, and nothing else.


  1. Navigate to your projects root e.g. ~/Valet.
  2. Grab the script directly via the terminal using the command below:

curl -O

  1. Make the script executable via the command line using chmod a+x
  2. Run the script with ./ and the two additional parameters to facilitate string replacement.

TIP: Create an alias called getbase on your machine that invokes the curl/wget commands above to fetch the MKDO Base before making it executable.

  1. Answer questions as you are prompted, while sipping your beverage of choice.

Command Line Parameters

The parameters must be added in the following order:

  • Project Slug e.g. stark-industries *
  • Project Nice Name e.g "Stark Industries"

NB: The project slug will be used for the theme folder name and database name.
An example using all of the above would look like this:
./ stark-industries "Stark Industries"