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Timetable: Free WordPress Event Scheduler Plugin

MotoPress Timetable & Event Schedule Plugin for WordPress allows you to create a mobile-friendly timetable with events organized by dates and time. This is one of the most popular free WordPress event scheduling plugins with tons of options you can alter for featuring your events.

Plugin allows you to control a color scheme, change timeframes, pick between a minimal or complex layout, customize columns, add tags and categories, add list or tab filters, upload event featured images, add users as event heads, and apply many more settings.
It works smoothly with Elementor and the block editor (Gutenberg), so you can easily customize the look of the timetable in a visual mode.

More booking & scheduling WordPress plugins by MotoPress

MotoPress also ships with a few more dedicated solutions for the appointment and rental property booking needs.
If you’re looking to enable appointment bookings on your WordPress site, you can check out the WordPress Appointment Scheduler plugin as well.
For the rental property business that needs to rent out accommodations online and accept booking for them, the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is what you need. This plugin doesn’t just deal with rental homes and hotels, it also allows property owners to sync bookings to external travel platforms, such as Airbnb, thus increasing and centralizing the bookings flow in one dashboard.

Getting Started

The plugin has two pairs of build scripts. The first pair is for generating files for editor blocks. The second pair is responsible for compiling styles from .less to .css.
To compile files for editor blocks you need:

  • Run npm run dev to compile your files automatically whenever you’ve made changes to the associated files.
  • Run npm run build to compile files for release.

To compile styles you need:

  • Run npm run dev:styles to compile your styles automatically whenever you’ve made changes to the associated files.
  • Run npm run build:styles to compile styles once.


  • Create a POT file wp i18n make-pot . ./languages/mp-timetable.pot --exclude="media/js/blocks/src"
  • Extract new strings wp i18n make-pot . ./languages/mp-timetable-new.pot --exclude="media/js/blocks/src" --subtract="./languages/mp-timetable.pot"
  • Extract JavaScript strings wp i18n make-json ./languages --no-purge --pretty-print
  • po2json ./languages/mp-timetable-ru_RU.po ./languages/mp-timetable-ru_RU-mptt-blocks-js.json -f jed


This is a developer’s portal for the Timetable and Event Schedule plugin and should not be used for support. Please visit the support page if you need to submit a support request.


Timetable and Event Schedule WordPress Plugin, Copyright (C) 2016, MotoPress.
Timetable and Event Schedule is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


Anyone is welcome to contribute.

Made with 💙 by MotoPress.