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This repository will soon belong to the Joomla Module only. If you are searching for the new version of the WordPress Widget, you can find it here.

Mr.Dev.’s Module

Mr.Dev. is your provider of developing tools for WordPress and Joomla!
He brings you a module to display categories, tags, posts/articles, pages and custom items with many customizable layouts and options to choose from.
All tools are optional and you can hide parts of the modules to specific users or roles/groups.


Themes & Layouts



The module initially comes with the themes ‘None’ and ‘Default’.
‘Default’ has many layouts to choose from including a custom layout to choose each option. It’s also possible to develop new custom themes. This is perfect if you already have a website and want to display your content in a new way, while keeping the look & feel of your current template.
Mr.Dev. starts with categories because some content display plugins and CMS do not highlight categories as much as posts/articles. But that could be practical for a better organization, structure, search engine optimization and a better understanding of the front and backoffice from clients and users.

Compatibility Warning ⚠

If you need the module to work properly with Internet Explorer, you’ll need to use a polyfill if you are not yet using one. On the full version (Mr.Dev.) you can activate the polyfill from the settings page of the plugin.