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MoveableType to WordPress Importer

By Peter Snyder <>

This library moves content from a MoveableType export file (MTIF) to into a
WordPress instance.  Currently handles the following items:

 * Tagging (from the MoveableType categories)
 * Assets (files and images) mentioned in those MTIF posts.  Items are copied
   over into their equivalent location on the WordPress install so, for example,
   an image located at will be copied and
   located at
 * URL aliases, teasers, and body text
 * Post comments
 * Author associations, as long as WordPress users with the same name as those
   of each MoveableType author exists in WordPress 

Configuration Options

The MT2WP class is the launching point for the whole process, and handles all the transferring and renaming internally.  Its settings are set through the MT2WP::setSettings() method, which takes an array of some subset of the following configuration options:

  General Configuration Settings

  - import_posts (bool):
    Whether to import posts from MoveableType to WordPress one execute
  - import_assets (bool):
    Whether to copy over assets referenced in the MoveableType data (images,
    PDFs, etc.) to the WordPress.  Note that this option will only copy over
    files that are linked to in at least MoveableType post's body and that
    live on the same domain as the MoveableType install

  - importer_timezone (bool):
    Timezone for dates in the WordPress.  Must be one of the dates described at

  - importer_delete_wp_posts_before (mixed):
    Determines whether the importer should first delete some set of posts
    already in WordPress before moving content from MoveableType.  Defaults
    to not doing so, but if provided a date, will delete all posts before that
    date in WordPress. If set, should be a date in a format that the DateTime
    constructor recognizes.  See for

  - importer_verbose (bool):
    Whether the importer should echo out a description of what it is doing in.
    Defaults to true

  WordPress Settings

  - wp_db_prefix (string):
    The prefix for tables in the WordPress database.  Defaults to "wp_"

  - wp_db_name (string):
    The name of the database that contains the WordPress data

  - wp_db_user (string):
    The username for a database account that can write to the WordPress database

  - wp_db_pass (string):
    The password for a database account that can write to the WordPress database

  - wp_db_host (string):
    The host for the database that will hold the WordPress data

  - wp_db_driver (string):
    The PDO database driver for the database that WordPress is running from.
    Defaults to 'mysql'.  Must be one of the drivers returned from
    PDO::getAvailableDrivers().  See for more information.

  - wp_root (string):
    The absolute path for the local directory containing the WordPress install.
    (ie, if your WordPress configuration file is at 
    /var/www/vhosts/, this value should be set
    to '/var/www/vhosts/').  No trailing slash please!
  - wp_domain (string):
    The public domain for the WordPress install we're transferring data into.
    Should not include a trailing slash or protocol information (ie, not

  MoveableType Settings

  - mt_mtif_file (string):
    Path to the exported MTIF data on the local filesystem (this is the file
    generated when using the Export functionality in MoveableType)
  - mt_domain (string):
    The domain MoveableType was configured to run from.  Should not include
    a trailing slash or protocol information (ie, not

  - mt_domain_hidden (bool):
    Whether the MoveableType install is publicly accessible or if its on a
    hidden domain.  Note that this setting does nothing if "import_assets" is