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MWD WordPress Theme

A starter theme designed for the modern web developer using the latest and most popular development tools and patterns.



This theme is designed to be used a starting point to developing your own theme with most the leg work done for you. Please do not install this theme how it comes out the box as it is the bare-minimum.
These installation instructions are for development.

  1. Clone/download the repo.
  2. cd into the theme’s directory.
  3. Run composer install to download all php packages.
  4. Run npm install to download all node_modules.
  5. Run npm install -g gulp (if not already installed globally).

Styling and Javscript

This theme currently uses gulp.js to run tasks to build the production .css and .js files into the public/ directory.
To compile and minify simply run gulp, or gulp watch to watch files for changes and auto-run build tasks.

Sass Files

Sass files should be in the src/sass/ directory. They will compile and build both a minified and non-minified .css version of each main .scss file in the src/sass/ directory. Gulp also uses gulp-autoprefixer to automatically add vendor prefixes to css.

Javascript Files

Javascript files should be in the src/js/ directory. Gulp will concatinate all .js files into one and produce both a theme.js and a theme.min.js file in the public/js directory.
Any frontend packages installed through npm should be included into the bundleSrc array in the gulpfile.js file, these are bundled together and put into a bundle.js and bundle.min.js file.


Please report any issues or suggestions to the issue tracker.