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Nabi Share Tools

Add simples sharing, print and like buttons to your pages and blog posts.


Use shortcode [NabiShareTools] to display all tools at once.
Use shortcode [NabiShare] to display the share button.
Use shortcode [NabiLike] to display the like button.
Use shortcode [NabiPrint] to display the print button.


Install from wordpress plugins directory.
Else, to install manually:

  1. Upload unzipped plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Share Display:

The Share Buttons Display parameter will allow you to select how you want the Sharing buttons to be displayed. You can choose between dropdown, list and icons. Dropdown is the default display.
Ex.: [NabiShare display="icons"]

Share URL:

The Share Buttons URL parameter let you define a specific URL to share. By default, the current page URL the button is displayed on will be shared.
Ex.: [NabiShare url=""]

Update function

Use nb_sharingTools.update(); to reinint all the Sharing tools.


  • Add Custom posts types support: fields.php (line 21).


** 1.2 **

  • New Display parameter added to Share Button shortcode
  • New URL parameter added to Share Button shortcode
  • Google+ Sharing option removed.

** 1.1 **

  • Added an Update function, to allow to reinint the function when content is loaded in ajax.

** 1.0 **

  • Version 1.