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Network Manager Tools

A multisite plugin that adds a number of helpful tools for network administrators. Many of these features are built primarily for open-style networks, but can be helpful for closed networks as well.

Current Features

  1. Site Information
    • Table of all sites, their ID, active theme, active plugins, created and last updated date
    • Sortable columns, pagination
    • Incremental search field searches entire table with auto-suggest for installed themes & plugins
    • Site (deactivate, delete, archive, spam, etc.) actions directly from this screen
  2. Plugin Manager
    • New “network-enabled” status limits plugin availablity to single-site admins on the network in the same manner as themes
    • Limit plugin availability on a per-site basis through new Plugins tab on site-info.php screen
    • Activate/deactivate plugins on individual sites directly from aforementioned plugins screen on the network dashboard

Planned Features

  1. Admin Message
    • Post messages to the dashboard of individual sites on a network
    • Post to all sites, or subset of sites based on active theme, plugins, etc.
    • Add publish/expiration date for automatic posting/removal of messages
  2. Support Admin
    • Some users (especially support staff) need access to all sites, but not network-level settings, this would allow you to set multiple levels of super admins.
  3. Site Deprovisioner
    • Automatically deactivate and/or remove unused sites based on last updated date, amount of content, etc.