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Payload has, hands-down, the best developer experience out of any headless CMS. Build whatever you need, however you want, and never hit a functionality roadblock. Payload is the go-to headless CMS for websites, SaaS apps, native apps, and anything else you need to build. Power any website, from enterprise to personal portfolio with Payload as a headless CMS. Its powerful version system and layout-building functionality unlocks the best CMS experience for your editors on the market. Payload powers extremely complex and fully featured web apps of every shape and size. It’s the perfect back-office CMS for eCommerce sites, SaaS, video game backends, and more. Implement Payload’s Authentication and content management within any native app you can dream up and automatically deliver product owners a beautiful UI to manage their apps with. Nothing is imposed on the structure of your app. Just initialize Payload and pass it your Express app.


Features #

  • Keep full control over your Express app
  • Extremely powerful function-based access control
  • Hooks for every action Payload provides
  • Show and hide fields with conditional logic
  • Get everything you need to power complex apps
  • A powerful pattern to add your own logic like integrating with third-party APIs, adding auto-generated data, and more


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