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=== Portfolio Toolkit ===
Contributors: iamdmitrymayorov
Tags: portfolio, post type, cpt
Requires at least: 4.1
Tested up to: 4.7
Stable tag: 0.1.5
License: GPLv2 or later
License URI:

Adds portfolio functionality to your WordPress website.

== Description ==

Portfolio Toolkit adds 'portfolio' post type with two taxonomies (Category and Tag). It also adds custom metabox with three fields: 'Client', 'Date' and 'URL'.
Check out [my website]( for more info about the plugin.

== Installation ==

= Using The WordPress Dashboard (Recommended) =

1. Go to `Plugins` → `Add New`
2. In a search field type **portfolio-toolkit** and hit enter
3. Click `Install Now` next to **Portfolio Toolkit** by Dmitry Mayorov
4. Click `Activate the plugin` when installation is complete

= Uploading in WordPress Dashboard =

1. Go to `Plugins` → `Add New`
2. Click on the `Upload Plugin` button next to the **Add Plugins** page title
3. Click on the `Choose File` button
4. Locate **** on your computer
5. Click the `Install Now` button
6. Click `Activate the plugin` when installation is complete

= Using FTP (Not Recommended) =

1. Download ****
2. Extract the **portfolio-toolkit** directory to your computer
3. Upload the **portfolio-toolkit** directory  **/wp-content/plugins/**
4. Go to `Plugins` → `Installed Plugins`
5. Click `Activate` under **Portfolio Toolkit** plugin title

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

= Who is this plugin for? =

Target audience of this plugin is mainly theme developers that to create a portfolio theme or want to add portfolio functionality to an existing one.

= How is this plugin different from Jetpack portfolio module or similar plugins? =

This plugin is actually inspired by Jetpack portfolio module and [Portfolio Post Type]( by Devin Price and Gary Jones. However, Portfolio Toolkit is built with [WordPress Plugin Boilerplate](, which follows a slightly different approach in building plugins. On top of that, Portfolio Toolkit adds custom metabox with three fields.

= What fields are included? =

There are three meta boxes at the moment:
**Client** - Client name for the project (e.g. Apple)
**Date** - Release date of the project (e.g. June 2015)
**URL** - Link to a live project (e.g.

= Does this plugin include any templates? =

No, it doesn't. However, you can easily create your own in your theme (or child theme).

= Can I participate? =

Absolutely. You are welcome to report issues and submit pull requests on [Github](

== Screenshots ==

1. Project Details metabox

== Changelog ==

== 0.1.5 ==

* Fixed: Minor Codesniffer warnings
* Changed: Portfolio taxonomy labels

== 0.1.4 ==

* Fixed: Minor Codesniffer warnings
* Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.5

== 0.1.3 ==

* Fixed: Minor improvements and bug fixes

== 0.1.2 ==

* Added: Compatibility with WordPress 4.3

== 0.1.1 ==

* Fixed: Minor codesniffer warnings

== 0.1.0 ==

* Initial Release