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ThemePlate Process


use ThemePlateProcessAsync;

// Instantiate
$background = new Async( function() {
} );

// Dispatch

new Async( $callback_func, $callback_args )

Execute a heavy one-off task via a non-blocking request

  • $callback_func (callable)(Required) Function to run asynchronously
  • $callback_args (array)(Optional) Parameters to pass in the callback. Default null


Fire off the process in the background instantly

->then( $callback )

->catch( $callback )

Chainable methods to handle success or error

  • $callback (callable)(Optional)
use ThemePlateProcessTasks;

$chores = new Tasks( 'my_day' );

$chores->add( 'first_task', array( 'this', 'that' ) );
$chores->add( function() {
} );

new Tasks( $identifier )

  • $identifier (string)(Required) Unique identifier

->add( $callback_func, $callback_args )

  • $callback_func (callable)(Required) Function to run
  • $callback_args (array)(Optional) Parameters to pass. Default null

->remove( $callback_func, $callback_args )

  • $callback_func (callable)(Required) Supposed function to run
  • $callback_args (array)(Optional) The parameters passed. Default null


Remove all currently listed task

->limit( $number )

  • $number (int)(Required) Number of task per run

->every( $second )

  • $second (int)(Required) Interval between runs

->report( $callback )

  • $callback (callable)(Required) To run after completion

Helper methods