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a quick and dirty ruby script to sync remote db via ftp for (php) web projects

It’s common to keep local db in sync w/ production one, so if you’re tired of one of these:

  • working with php cms (who doesn’t have to, sometimes…) and deal with db upload/download on remote hosting services
  • open (awful and chunky) hosting web interfaces to deal w/ remote db(s)
  • launch local mysql client app or run commands to restore db, and do it repetitively

this supposed “hassle free” tool is for you…


  • clone repo with git clone
  • copy rdbsync.example.yml from the git cloned dir into your web project(s) directory, save it as rdbsync.yml and edit it accordingly to your project online url, local and remote db credentials: it’s supposed to be self-explaining
  • USE IT, but make db backups before! 🙂

PULL database, from remote to local

ruby rdbsync.rb pull

PUSH database, from local to remote

ruby rdbsync.rb push
Put a rdbsync.yml config file in every project you want to use with rdbsync. From inside your web project root, call rdbsync.rb specifying the its path, ie:
ruby $HOME/projects/rdbsync/rdbsync.rb push
If you want, you can make it executable with chmod +x rdbsync.rb and call it directly
rdbsync.rb push

next steps

  • error handling
  • credentials checking routine
  • backup before db overwrite
  • testing

Help or suggestions are appreciated
Antonio Molinari (for friends, Magnum)