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Rent Fetch

A plugin which gathers properties and floorplans from the Yardi API and displays them in a number of different ways.
More detailed information in the Wiki

Important Note

If you’re having trouble with syncing down on a development environment, it might be because you’re behind basic authentication, which prevents WP Cron from running. Use the WP Cron HTTP Auth plugin to fix that.

Dependencies (for full functionality)

  • ACF Pro (bundled with this plugin): Used for setting up custom fields. You can install this alongside Rent Fetch, but you don’t have to (it’s included)
  • Admin Columns Pro: Used for fancy columns allowing for birds-eye editing and seeing what data is in each floorplan/property/neighborhood
  • Admin Columns Pro ACF addon (allows for displaying and editing ACF fields)
  • used for CPT connections between neighborhoods and properties, not bundled
  • Relationships
  • Action Scheduler: Bundled with this plugin, this provides functionality for regularly getting things from the APIs more reliably than WP Cron alone. Still triggered by WP Cron, so don’t disable that – but this piece of functionality makes it possible for your site to sync in the background without crashing your site (especially if you have a lot of properties).

Content types

  • Floorplans
  • Properties
  • Neighborhoods


  • Property types (properties)
  • Floorplan types
  • Amenities (properties)
  • Areas (neighborhoods)


  • single-properties.php (override this in your theme if you like by dropping a file into your main theme directory)
  • single-floorplans.php (override this in your theme if you like by dropping a file into your main theme directory, currently not used for anything)


This plugin includes three shortcodes. There’s more information about each of these on the wiki, but none of them take any parameters.


Gutenberg blocks

  • Floorplans: shows a configurable grid of the floorplans, using either local information or information from an API that’s been synced into a content type.


  • Labels: you can customize the labels for bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage. Useful for setting “0 bedroom” to be “studio” instead.
  • Property URLs: sometimes, property managers don’t add “http://” or “https://” in front of the url. If we click a link without that, it won’t work property. So there’s a filter to change that, and the plugin already hooks into there to add the http or https – but this can also be used to disallow particular buttons from outputting, etc.