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S3 Media Sync

This plugin syncs the uploads directory on a VIP Go environment to an AWS S3 instance.
Props S3-Uploads and Human Made for creating much of the functionality:


  • Activate plugin
  • Create an IAM user with Programmatic Access
  • Enter the provided AWS S3 API keys on the Settings page
  • Backfill the uploads directory on AWS by running the following command:
wp s3-media upload-all


How can I upload media to a subdirectory in S3?
Let’s say you have a bucket named my-awesome-site, but you want all your media to go into the preprod subdirectory. On the S3 Media Sync settings page, you would enter the following for the S3 Bucket Name field:


Then, all media will automatically be kept in-sync within my-awesome-site/preprod/wp-content/uploads.
How can I ensure all the attachments were uploaded?
You can see which attachments were skipped by running the following command:

wp vip migration validate-attachments invalid-attachments.csv

The log is then available at invalid-attachments.csv. The full command can be found here:



  • Update Composer dependencies for PHP 8.0 compatibility.


  • Fix: Upload images edited within WordPress to the bucket.